Myth-busting Golf Equipment

All golfers – whether they are top-seeded PGA Pros, or amateurs just starting to play, all look to maximize their game and squeeze out a couple more yards per swing through their golf equipment. Whether it is through buying balls which create the most spin, or using branded clubs, it is supposedly better than their lesser-known counterparts.

Golf equipmentThe paramount importance that the equipment has over the game has inevitably sprouted some myths surrounding the different game gear. Some big-name manufacturers are quick to exploit this kind of thinking by constantly launching products boasting new technology, all promising to give the player greater distances and more control over the game. Adding to the confusion are some of the players themselves, who have inevitably heard and repeated some of these old wives’ tales while teeing off. What are the common myths surrounding golf equipment, and what is the truth lying behind it?

Undoubtedly, most of the golfing equipment myths surround the golf club. Many players in search of the perfect golf club, especially beginners, are wont to fall for the marketing spin created equipment manufacturers, who are all championing their own as the best.

The biggest myth surrounding the club is related to brand –

is using a branded golf club (usually with a popular, highly-ranked PGA endorser) much better? The process of choosing golf equipment, usually beginning with selecting a club, is a highly personal process. Each golfer has his own set of characteristics and circumstances, demanding different clubs to address each. It can be tempting to look up the brands that the Pros use and buy them. However, there is no single brand that works best for everyone. Rather than putting a premium on brand, the golfer should look at the clubs, which are made for their specific needs and skill level. First-time buyers may opt to go for a club fitting, rather than picking a brand off the shelf. The best golf clubs are those that fit a player’s unique parameters.

Another question often asked is which brand produces the best results? No single brand has a monopoly on the game, despite what a Tour professional looking like walking advertisements for a brand (all golf equipment – shoes, clubs, bags, apparel, and even carts often sporting the same seemingly innocuous logo) would have you believe. Each brand would have their own strengths and often, a mixed set would give a better improvement over a full bag of golf clubs from the same brand.


Yearly, it is expected that big-named brands come out with their ‘latest and greatest’. Design has changed very little over the years. Modern golf clubs and those manufactured a few years back can still go head to head in terms of distance. In addition, there are regulations putting caps on these variances so it is not likely to have a dramatic effect on the game.

Golf EquipmentAfter exposing the myths surrounding the most important of golfing equipment, next up is clearing up some falsehoods surrounding other gear. Golf ball bounce and distance is a big area of concern for players. When in a shop, many players purchase the golf balls that bounce higher than others, thinking that it will go a greater distance when teeing off. Ball distance is the product of many variables; most important of these is backspin.

Players are better of testing a variety of brands at the range, which suits their game level the most. Also, many people believe that the club’s grooves are responsible for creating the spin, and therefore, distance. As verified by testing by the US Golf Association (USGA), it is the loft, which is the angle of the club face on the shaft on the club, which powers this distance.


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